The White Oak Institute is a nonprofit formed by the owner/principals of White Oak Associates, Inc. and benefiting from that company's resources and 39 years of service to the museum field.







Who we are:




The mission of the White Oak Institute is to further innovation in the museum field through research, analysis, and dissemination of data-based findings drawn from museum impact and operating data.






The Institute involves museum leaders and experts in the field-wide dialogue and research needed to inform management's major decisions and to advance promising innovations.


A unique characteristic of the Institute's methodologies is the engagement of high-level museum managers and other professionals as investigators, working with their colleagues in processes supported and facilitated by the Institute's data analysis and synthesis and our dialogue facilitation resources, including a superb meeting place for group collaboration in historic Marblehead, MA.





More economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable museums that are better able to serve the public by offering more effective and efficient community services.





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Recent research findings and reports:

Please click here to access White Oak's free library and to view recent research findings and reports. This free library is maintained by White Oak Associates as a public service, and it includes writings generated by both White Oak Associates and the White Oak Institute that are relevant to museum professionals.

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